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Ceramics of Vietri    

Vietri Style: impulse of lines,shapes and colors; essential signs that bring the brightness of Vietri Sul Mare into the spaces of every living experience. A territory that, not by chance, we have chosen to preserve as a backdrop for all our days of work and daily life. 

Ceramics price:95€

                Cioffi's agricultural holding

The Cioffi family has for generations been rooted in the Picentino Valley, with vocation and passion dedicated to the production of extra virgin olive oil.

Oil price: (1l) 6€

        Limoncello liqueur from Amalfi

The Amalfi Coast is famous for the production of its fragrant lemons, called Sfusato Amalfitano. The climate of the places of the Amalfi Coast favours the growth of this citrus fruit, characterized by a thick and wrinkled skin, rich in essential oils.

Limoncello price: (200cl)20€

  San  Marzano peeled tomatoes

San Marzano tomatoes are grown mainly in the Campania region, particularly in the cities of Naples and Salerno. This tomatoe has a sweet and sour taste that makes it suitable for consumption raw or cooked in the form of sauce.

Peeled tomatoes price: (400g) 1,60€


A reason to choose a high quality honey, an Italian honey, means to be sure of the provenance and genuineness of the product, without giving up, however, to the convenience.
Honey is a food that deserves to enter the daily diet as it is rich in properties useful to the organism, contributing to the physical and mental wellbeing.
But in order to benefit from the countless properties of honey it is good to consume Italian honey of excellent quality.

Honey price:(500g) 8€


The "Confettoni"

The Confettone is an ancient recipe of the 1600s, found in a convent cavens and handed down in our families for generations, the Confettone is the flagship of our production. The processing,exclusively manual, the selection of the best cocoa beans and toasting with wood, make this delicacy a pleasure for the senses.

Pancrazio tomatoes

The Pancrazio S.p.a. select and work only the highest quality tomatoes, all from Italy, working according to their own recipes developed in almost one hundred years of experience to offer its customers a wide range of products such as peeled tomatoes, tomato pulp , tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes and Italian-style sauces.

                      Aromatic and medical herbs

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